To provide the opportunities of quality education to the Muslims and other cultural  communities  and  undertake  programs  for  the  sustainable  utilization  and rational management of the marine and fisheries resources of the Sulu Sea and nearby waters through human resource development, research, and transfer of appropriate technology with the aim of improving the socio-economic conditions of the people in Southern Philippines in accordance with the regional and national goals.


                     The center of excellence in fisheries, oceanography and related disciplines that is responsive to the socio-economic and peace and development needs of Southern Philippines.


                     To  be  a  globally  competitive  university  that  would  carry  out  instruction,  research, extension programs and production in fisheries, oceanography and allied disciplines.


  1. Competitive, productive, sustainable center of excellence in fisheries and oceanography
  2. Develop high level manpower and globally competitive professionals
  3. Generate knowledge and technology
  4. Promote   competitive,   strategic   and   sustainable   human   resources   and organizational development