For decades, the process of enrollment has always been an issue to the students. Every semester, students complain because they have to wait for two to three days before their subjects are encoded. Registration would take at least a month to complete.

This second semester A.Y 2017-2018, the administration has come up with a new process of enrollment. It is a hassle-free, a self-service/self-encoding process. And students will no longer have to queue at the Accounting Office and Cashiering Office.

The new process has the following procedures: first, the adviser reviews previous semester’s grades as stored in the enrolment system; cross-checks the subjects already taken viz

-a-viz the required curricula of the student, regular students or those who do not have deficiencies may choose directly the subjects to take as indicated in the prospectus, but those students with deficiencies have to go to the adviser for advising of subjects; second, students choose their preferred schedules based on the subjects advised and have those encoded at the encoding station located at the Sabdani J. Bulante Hall; third, students bring the printed temporary certificate of registration to the adviser for approval; the adviser checks the subjects enrolled in to ensure these are correct, the adviser affixes his/her signature as indication of approval; and fourth, students submit the approved temporary certificate of registration to the Registrar; the Registrar’s staff confirms enrollment and prints the Certificate of Registration (COR); the Registrar marks the COR, OFFICIALLY ENROLLED; then, the students get the  COR from the Registrar.

The campus Registrar announced that for the second semester A.Y 2017-2018, MSU-TCTO has a total of 1,596 enrollees. The College of Arts and Sciences has a total of 559; College of Education, 479; College of Fisheries, 292; College of Islamic and Arabic Studies, 105; Institute of Information and Communications Technology, 104; and Institute of Oceanography and Environmental Sciences has 57 enrollees.

On the other hand, the Senior High School Department has a grand total of 554 enrollees. Grade 11 has 241 while Grade 12 has 313 enrollees.

 By Fatima Zahra I. Elloh